Detailed Specification

1.0 - General description

54 Jermyn Street was constructed circa 1926 to a design by Messrs. Yates, Cook & Derbyshire. A 10 storey stone clad steel frame building fronting onto Jermyn Street. Major refurbishment of the whole has been carried out to all areas including the reception, basement, common parts including lifts/fire alarm, LED lighting, and all offices from 1st to 8th floors using high quality Grade A materials. The building also has the benefit of exterior terraces on floors 5, 7 & 8.

2.0 – Office Design Criteria

Floor occupancy: Office floors, building services and means of escape have been designed to an average occupational density of one person per 10m² at full occupancy.

3.0 – Office Accommodation

Planning Grid: The office accommodation layout uses the existing structural grid and can be divided into cellular, mixed or open plan layouts.

Clear Ceiling Heights: These are measured from the upper face of the raised floor to the underside of the ceiling:

• Eighth floor –2500mm

• Seventh floor – 2500mm

• Sixth floor – 2500mm

• Fifth floor – 2490mm

• Fourth floor – 2500mm

• Third floor – 2470mm

• Second floor – 2450mm

• First floor – 2480mm

• Reception – 3825mm

The ceiling design includes plasterboard soffit with metal ceiling tile sections for access to A/C equipment.

4.0 – Internal Finishes – Floors, Internal Walls, Doors And Partitions

Flooring: Metal tile fully accessable raised access floor – nominal 60mm floor void with DDA compliant access. (Floor finishes by tenant).

Perimeter walls: Plastered and painted masonry, plasterboard lining to service runs.

Windows: Refurbished double glazed aluminium windows with side hung & pivot casements.

Internal doors: Fully glazed steel doors to core with stainless steel ironmongery and access control unit. (excluding intercom at floor level)

Pre-finished door to new W/C accommodation and refurbished doors to landlord’s electrical and mechanical risers.

Ironmongery: Stainless steel ironmongery throughout.

5.0 – Toilet Accommodation

Basement: 1No. DDA WC/shower.

First to Sixth Floor: 3No. WCs, 1No. of which has a shower.

Seventh Floor: 2No. WCs, 1No. of which has an integral shower.

Eighth Floor: 2No. WCs.

WC Finishes:

Flooring: ‘Mosa’ porcelain tiles.

Sanitaryware: White glazed porcelain.

Walls: Painted plaster and plasterboard.

Cabinetry: Purpose made wall and vanity units with ‘corian’ panelling, integral mirrors, waste disposal, soap and air hand-drier.

Ceiling: Painted plasterboard with access panels.

Lighting: Recessed circular LED down lighter.

6.0 – Reception

Entrance screen: Comprising central horizontal sliding doors, side lights and integral door entry installation.

Ceiling: Painted plasterboard raised to its highest level, including LED illuminated stretched ceiling system.

Walls: Painted plasterboard, feature wall using ‘Travertine’ unfilled and honed stone, tenant directory, services riser doors and artwork.

Flooring: Large format reconstituted stone by Dekton with integral lighting and ‘rumble’ matting

Furniture: Purpose made reception desk by ‘Joe Mellows Furniture’ with part stone cladding and built-in stone seating with leather pads.

7.0 – Lifts

The 2No. lifts in the building have a capacity of 7 persons / 545kg, one of which has protective curtains for loading access.

8.0 – Means Of Escape

The building has a single internal staircase and an external metal fire escape.

9.0 – Windows And External Doors

External Elevations: Existing aluminium windows within office accommodation have been refurbished and re-painted.

The major refurbishment includes the provision of a glazed walkway to the West of the stair/lift core to provide additional circulation between the front and rear offices on floors 1–6.

10.0 – Window Cleaning & Maintenance Access

Window Cleaning: The exterior of all windows are cleaned by the landlord on a quarterly basis.

Roof top plant enclosure: Provision for additional dedicated tenant plant is available if required.

11.0 – Fire Protection Services

Portable fire extinguishers are provided throughout the building in accordance with BS 5306 excluding the offices.

Fire alarm and detection installation: An analogue addressable fire alarm system, compliant with BS 5839, has been installed. Manual call points at final exits and escape routes, fire alarms throughout the building and automatic detection in line with BS5839 category L2, have been provided.

12.0 – Structural Design Criteria

Floor landings: The following loads (kN/m²) have been adopted in the design:

Office areas (total): 2.75 kN/m²

External terraces: 2.75 kN/m²

Flat roof (access for maintenance only): 2.75 kN/m²

Plant areas: 2.75 kN/m²

There is an additional 1 kN/m² general allowance for partitioning.

13.0 – Services Design Criteria

Summer temperature: 22ºC ± 2ºC

Winter temperature: 21ºC ± 2ºC

Humidity control: None

Small power capacity: 25W/m² (80% diversity).

Occupancy: 1 person per 10m², 90W per person
(90% diversity).

Fresh air by openable windows:

Acoustic criteria: Office areas – NR 38 (average)

*the above is based on the tenant fitting out the floors with furniture, finishes and fittings to a typical CAT B office standard along with some careful design of the internal layouts.

14.0 – Heating, Cooling And Ventilation

• The offices are cooled and heated using a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) type of fan coil installation. Each floor has a number of fan coil units located in the ceiling void all of which can be individually controlled/and adjusted within agreed parameters via a central touch screen controller with a dedicated condenser located within the roof top plant compound.

• There is provision for an additional condenser per floor within the plant compound.

• Ventilation is provided by openable windows.

15.0 – Electrical Installation

Incoming supplies:

• Each floor has 2 metered electrical supplies with meters located in the basement electrical switch room with cables running through the building via the landlord’s common electrical riser. 1 x 200 amp supply to the tenant’s distribution board serving tenant lighting and a provision for tenant power. 1 x 400 amp supply serving the tenant’s dedicated comfort cooling and heating installation.

• No under floor power is provided within the office space; however, the supply to the floor and the distribution board has been designed with an allowance of 25 watts / m² for the tenant fit out.

• The raised floor has a clear 60mm void to accommodate future installation of under floor power/data distribution.

16.0 – Lighting

• The lighting design is in the spirit of LG7.

• The installation comprises of linear luminaries with LED 11 watt 4,000k colour temperature lamps and opal louvre plate in frosted finish suitable for VDU use. Downlights provide feature lighting with LED 18 watt 4,200K colour temperature lamps.

• Lighting control system is provided via DALI hubs providing individual addresses for each individual linear luminaries, switching is via PIR presence detector hard wired to DALI hubs including daylight saving to the first line of fitting adjacent to external windows.

The following levels of illumination have been designed for in the building:

General office: 400 – 500 lux (open plan office)

Reception: 300 lux

Lobbies and stairs: 150 – 200 lux

17.0 – Water

The building has a boosted potable cold water supply serving the WC and welfare facilities metered at office floor level.

18.0 – Energy Performance

The building will have a ‘Silver’ Ska rating and an EPC level of C per floor.

19.0 – Access Control

Access control is provided to restrict unauthorised access into the building. The system is audio visual with a handset incorporating monitor and door release within each tenant’s demise (excluding intercom at floor level). Each tenant will receive an appropriate number of programmed cards giving access to the main entrance doors and other authorised locations. The tenant will be able to programme the same card to operate the main tenancy doors off the lift lobby with tenant specific information as desired.

20.0 – Security

The building will have 12 hour security cover with security presence in the reception and regular out-of-hour’s security patrols.

The reception and selected areas of the building will have CCTV coverage with a recording facility.

21.0 – Aerial & Satellite Facilities

Proposed integrated reception system (IRS)+ which is designed to offer a platform of services, as follows:

• Digital TV services, to include Freeview
(Standard & High Definition)

• DAB, digital radio

• FM radio

• Freesat (Standard and High Definition)

• Sky digital, Sky+HD, SkyQ

• 2 x amplifier and multiswitch distribution units at 3rd and 6th floor levels.

Premium Office Spaces

Valuable Workspaces

54 Jermyn Street offices have been newly refurbished and designed to a high quality contemporary standard to complement its superb location in prime central London – close to both Hyde Park, Green Park and many local world class restaurants and hotels, 54 Jermyn Street is a fabulous place to work, entertain and establish your offices.

Commercial Capital

London is the commercial capital of Europe and Jermyn Street is located at its centre, in the heart of Westminster in St James’s, SW1. 54 Jermyn Street offices are ideally situated, well connected to the rest of London and the UK and with a wide selection of commercial, leisure and cultural facilities that make it a highly desirable place to work.